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Pollster: Governing Parties Strengthen As Police Measures Of Immigration Backed By Hungarians


Support for the allied ruling Fidesz-KDNP went up by five percentage points over the past four weeks, while the opposition parties remained practically unchanged, a fresh poll by the Nézőpont Institute reveals.


Backing for conservative ruling parties increased to 34% from 29% among all voters in September. It inched up to 17% from 15% for radical nationalist Jobbik, the poll conducted by the institute for daily Magyar Idők said. In this group the Socialists (MSZP) stood at 8%, the left-wing Democratic Coalition (DK) at 5% and small green LMP at 4%, each losing one point compared with mid-August. The left-wing Együtt (Together) party was supported by 1%, the poll showed. Among decided voters with a definite intention to vote, Fidesz-KDNP held 44%, up four points from four weeks ago, while Jobbik stood level at 26%. The Socialists had support of 9%, DK 8% and LMP 6%. Együtt held 2%, the poll said.


Nézőpont Institute noted that the ruling alliance’s backing was last this strong in September last year, before it announced plans for introducing an internet tax. The proportion of undecided voters and those unwilling to vote dropped to 28% from 34%, the institute said. Nézőpont also asked people about the fence Hungary has erected on its border with Serbia. The institute said that support for the fence went up among all respondents in a week from 55% to 73%.


The Budapest-based think tank also said that 78 percent of Hungarians were satisfied with the way Hungarian police is managing the migration crisis. The result was revealed from a representative survey conducted during September 19-24, 2015 by asking 1000 people by telephone. Even many left-wing party sympathizers consider the performance of the police positive in terms of managing the crisis, Nézőpont said.

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