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Polls: Fidesz with a Strong Lead


According to polls governing party alliance Fidesz-KDNP awaits the October local government elections with a strong lead, revealed Századvég in a statement sent to news agency MTI. Based on July countrywide figures, Fidesz is in a great position, while the opposition is divided, as far-right party Jobbik stands as the second biggest party.

According to Századvég 35% of the total population would vote for Fidesz-KDNP if the elections were “this Sunday”, and such the governing parties did not lose voters since the spring general elections. Századvég also confirmed that far-right party Jobbik overtakes socialist MSZP for the second time in history, making Jobbik the second biggest party by current support with their 14%.

Socialist now stand on 9%, while Democratic Coalition boast 6%, LMP 4% and party alliance Együtt-PM has 3%, while 2% of the voters would cast their ballot on other smaller parties according to Századvég’s polls. General trends indicate the weakening of MSZP, while DK (Democratic Coalition) is on the rise, meaning that opposition parties can only trade voters, and not gain new ones, claims Századvég.

The election is set to take place on October 12 as the National Election Office has began its preparations. According to the official registry nearly 8 million citizens with Hungarian residence will receive the letter of registry after August 15. The campaign period for the local government election is set to begin 50 days before election day, namely August 23, and should last until the 19:00 on election day. (MTI)

Photo: public domain