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Politico.EU: “Viktor Orbán Is Winning The Migration Debate”

By Tamás Székely // 2017.09.15.

No one in Brussels wants to say it out loud, but Viktor Orbán is winning the migration debate, according to Politico Europe correspondent Jacopo Barigazzi. The former Newsweek and Reuters reporter claims in his article entitled “Orbán wins the migration argument” that suddenly many of the EU leaders have started echoing the Hungarian Prime Minister’ views on migration.

The Italian journalist admits that the Hungarian Premier “may be much maligned in European capitals for his anti-immigrant rhetoric”, however, he argues that Hungary’s hard-line position on immigration and border protection is slowly becoming the majority position among EU decision-makers. The article also refers to an EU official in Brussels who was quoted as saying that “nobody will admit it in this town, but yes, Orbán’s narrative is prevailing.”

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via; featured photo: Olivier Hoslet – EPA