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Besides András Pikó, who had difficulties in beating the virus, and Lénárd Borbély, who by now can leave the hospital, other high-profile politicians have tested positive for the coronavirus, and are having different reactions to it.

According to the 8th district’s (independent but opposition-backed) mayor, he apparently had the most severe kind of covid infection. “It’s really indescribable when you take a breath, but it’s not enough. I get extra oxygen constantly as well as an experimental medication and steroid treatment. Most of the symptoms so far are gone, leaving me only with a cough and breathing difficulties,” Pikó said.

After double pneumonia and having been on a ventilator, Csepel (21st district) mayor Lénárd Borbély (Fidesz) is better now and can leave the hospital, although he still has pneumonia.

The PM’s chief cultural advisor, Kossuth-prized poet Géza Szőcs is also infected. He is reportedly in serious condition in intensive care. According to Index, Szőcs is on ventilation.

Fidesz MP and government commissioner Péter Hoppál and his family went into home quarantine after having tested positive. He reported he has mild, flu-like symptoms. Similarly, the Ministry of Human Capacities’ (EMMI) parliamentary state secretary Bence Rétvári (of ruling KDNP) is also infected but in general feels okay, and says he only feels weak.

Balassagyarmat’s Fidesz mayor Gábor Csach also tested positive and is being cared for in a hospital. His condition is reportedly improving since Thursday.

Far-right Mi Hazánk’s president and Ásotthalom’s mayor László Toroczkai is also infected. According to the radical politician, so far he has only had a mild fever, mild headache, and a sore throat. “The H1N1 flu in 2009 affected me more,” he said.

featured image: Géza Szőcs; via Márton Mónus/MTI