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Polish-Hungarian Friendship: Polish Constitution Commemorated In Budapest

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.05.

Poland’s celebrations of its constitution is important for all freedom-loving people, Hungary’s defence minister said at an event marking the Polish national holiday in Budapest.

Hungarians are all the more supportive, as they have regarded Poles as their brethren for a thousand years, Csaba Hende said. The two countries are closely cooperating in the framework of the Visegrád Group, the European Union and NATO, he explained, stressing that “we know we can rely on each other in good and bad times alike”.

Poland’s ambassador to Hungary Roman Kowalski said the Polish constitution adopted on May 3, 1791 was the second in the world, and the first in Europe. On 3 May, the country remembers the noblest traditions of Polish democracy and tolerance, he emphasised.

Concerning contemporary Polish-Hungarian relations, the ambassador described the previous year as “eventful” and stressed that the region is faced by a host of tasks and challenges, the most important of which is establishing even more effective cooperation between the two countries in the field of security policy.

At the commemoration, the ambassador paid tribute to Wladislaw Bartoszewski, a leader of the Warsaw Uprising and former Auschwitz inmate who paid a key role in Polish-German reconciliation. The professor died recently aged 93.

via hungarymatters.hu and inforadio.hu
photo: mandiner.blog.hu