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Police Search for Vandal Who Scrawled ‘Discrimination’ on Stone Elephant at Budapest Zoo

Hungary Today 2021.06.01.

Police are searching for an unknown man, who on Saturday at dawn scrawled the word “DISCRIMINATION” on the stone elephant statue standing at the entrance of the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden.

The vandalism hit the news over the weekend, with police soon disclosing a photo of the man. Most recently, the 14th district police additionally published a video of the perpetrator, seeking any information of his whereabouts.

Telex reported that in May, there was a minor verbal brawl between police officers and a Guy Fawkes-masked man at the zoo’s entrance. The unknown person expressed the fact that ever since the reopening, that only immunity certificate-holders are allowed in was ‘discriminating.’ A connection between the two cases is, however, yet to be made.

In addition, the Zoo & Botanical Garden isn’t the only place recently targeted in Budapest, as someone scrawled the same word using an identical color on the recently-renovated building of the Pesterzsébet Iodine-Salt Thermal and Open-air Bath (20th district).

featured image via Youtube/police.hu