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Police Apprehend People Smuggler in Southern Hungary

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.10.05.

Southern Hungary’s police stopped a car with Slovak plates whose driver had crammed 17 illegal migrants in the vehicle in the early hours on Monday, police told wire service MTI.

The passangers said they were Afghan, Yemeni, Indian, and Syrian and Iraqi nationals.

A few hours later police apprehended two more groups, one with 21 Syrian, Yemeni, Indian, and Afghan nationals, and another of 14 Afghan men.

Government Extends Debated 'State of Crisis due to Mass Migration'
Government Extends Debated 'State of Crisis due to Mass Migration'

Parallel to the publication of the new restrictions concerning the coronavirus outbreak, the government has yet again extended the State of Crisis due to Mass Migration. While it regularly points to the pressure on the southern borders as a justification, according to critics the regulation serves political aims and limits the exercise of fundamental rights. […]Continue reading

The illegal migrants were escorted back to the border, while the smuggler is facing legal proceedings.