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Police Find Young Men Who Threw Hungarian Flag into Danube

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.08.24.

On Friday, two young adults removed the Hungarian flag that was placed on the Chain Bridge for the State Foundation Day, and threw it into the Danube. Police have already identified and interrogated the perpetrators.

The Budapest Police Headquarters has ordered an investigation for the defamation of a national symbol.

The alleged perpetrators have already been identified and interrogated by the police. During their interrogation, the suspects confessed to committing the crime.

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The two 24-year-old men even recorded their actions. It was acquired by radical right-wing pro-government news site Vadhajtások, which also published the footage.

The young men then contacted the portal and wanted the video taken off their site in exchange for publicly apologizing. Vadhajtások did not agree to this and turned to the police.

The far-right paramilitary group Betyársereg later also approached the perpetrators, who apologized in a video for what they had done. They defended themselves by claiming to be under the heavy influence of alcohol at the time and promised that they would never do anything like that ever again.

Featured photo illustration by Márton Mónus/MTI