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Police Called To Catch “Illegal Migrants” – Then Discover They Are Erasmus Students

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.10.20.

A concerned citizen alerted police after noticing some two dozen migrants trailing along a railway track in southern Hungary – only to discover that the “illegal border-crossers” were in fact a group of foreign exchange students.

The group of 25 Erasmus students, from Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia, spent ten days at the southern Hungarian city of Szeged, near Hungary’s border with Serbia, during which they visited the local branch of the pro-refugee group MigSzol, local website Délmagyar reports.

The visit included a 15-kilometre walk in the area that was at the forefront of the refugee crisis on the Hungarian-Serbian border in 2015 and a visit to MigSzol’s base at Szeged-Szentmihály, where the NGO’s volunteers welcomed them with an open-fire lunch.

However, the group caught the attention of a concerned member of the public while walking along the railway line connecting Szeged with Szabadka (Subotica, Serbia), who promptly contacted police and reported that 25 “migrants” are trailing along the railway line. After law enforcement officers arrived, the students were allowed to continue their walk after police found no evidence of illegal activity.

As the migrant crisis peaked in September 2015, there were cases of “genuine” migrants getting lost in the border area. At the time, two Afghan migrants were reported to have erupted in tears after mistakenly entering Romania from Serbia while attempting to travel to Germany through Hungary.

via index.hu
photo: MigSzol Szeged/Délmagyar