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Poet Sándor Csoóri Greeted On His 85th Birthday


Two-times Kossuth Prize winner and Artist of the Nation Sándor Csoóri, one of Hungary’s best-known contemporary literary figures, was greeted on his 85th birthday at the Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest yesterday evening.
“We have learnt from you that we can only accept the whole truth as truth, freedom is undividable and only a free man is able to tell the truth”, literary historian Gáspár Gróh said in praise of Sándor Csoóri. The poet’s 85th birthday was celebrated at the Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest on Tuesday evening in the presence of Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog.
The Minister said in his speech that Sándor Csoóri “stands where we should be standing, but we fail to. He speaks where it would be wrong to remain silent but we nevertheless do or just murmur something and he always creates what is the most needed. He always helped recognise the beautiful and the true”.
Chairman of the Hungarian Writers’ Union János Szentmártoni said that it is one of the most painful failures of our times that no generation or even group follows in the footsteps of Sándor Csoóri. “We were spared the vision to unite us”, he said. Mr. Szentmártoni described the 85-year-old as one of the icons of his awakening as a poet, from whom he learnt that writing is an act of morality. He emphasised Mr. Csoóri’s role in the establishment of the worldwide Hungarian television broadcaster Duna Televízió and Hitel, the first autonomous literary journal.
The poet was greeted by his grandchildren Sándor Csoóri and Márta Sebestyén, who said that the dance house movement would not have progressed to where it is now without his intellectual and spiritual guidance.
photo: Balázs Székelyhidi/Magyar Nemzet