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PM’s Press Chief: Viktor Orbán Does Not Support Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.10.18.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “has not said that he supports Donald Trump”, the PM’s press chief has claimed.

In response to a question by the liberal news website 444.hu on whether he continues to support the Republican presidential nominee’s White House bid, Bertalan Havasi said: “Viktor Orbán has not said that he supports Donald Trump. This should be the decision of the American people. In several of his statements, the Prime Minister analysed the question of which candidate’s foreign policy would be better for Europe and Hungary”.

Concerning the issue, Mr. Orbán told the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paolo in an August interview:  “Trump’s foreign policies would be best for us. The Democrats think that it is unnecessary to control migrants’ entry into Europe, which is very dangerous. Trump has sided with the monitoring of immigrants and opposes democracy-building in other countries, and I agree with him in this”.

Speaking at an event in Transylvania in late July, the Prime Minister – who insisted he is not a “Trump campaigner” – praised the Republican candidate’s immigration and counter-terrorism proposals and said that these would make him a better option for Hungary and Europe than his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

It was subsequently reported both domestically and internationally that Mr. Orbán had become the world’s first incumbent leader to endorse Mr. Trump’s presidential bid.

via 444.hu and mandiner.hu
photo: 444.hu