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PM Orbán Visits the Strongest Man in Montenegro, Promises 25 km Border Fence

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.07.24.

In the first official visit since the country joined NATO, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrived in Montenegro on Monday afternoon to discuss plans to help build a 25 Kilometer long fence on the country’s border.

After the ceremony, which was held at the National Airport in Podgorica, members of Dusko Markovic’s government and PM Viktor Orbán spoke privately. Orbán’s visit fosters excellent bilateral relations, aids Montenegro’s European integration, and provides an opportunity to exchange views on the many political and security issues currently facing the region and Europe.

Following talks with Markovic in Podgorica on Tuesday, Orbán stated that by protecting its borders, Montenegro also protects Hungary and the whole of the European Union. Orbán announced that Hungary would gladly participate in modernizing Montenegro’s economy. The whole point of an economy is to enable people’s well being, and a modern economy only works if it’s market-based, he added.

Markovic thanked Orbán for his help in protecting Montenegro, adding that a metal fence might be built on the country’s border in the future. Markovic also noted that a large number of migrants have been arriving at the border from Albania.

Hungary-Montenegro ties are at a high point according to Markovic; he pointed out that both countries are NATO members and their economic cooperation is continually developing, and, as a result, Montenegro would gladly welcome Hungarian investors.

Markovic thanked Hungary for supporting Podgorica on its road to NATO integration and membership within the European Union. “The EU is our top priority,” he said, pledging that Montenegro would continue to acquire European values and strengthen democratization.

Péter Szijjarto announced that Hungary plans to build a 25-kilometer long border fence at the Albanian-Montenegrin border due to the increased migratory pressure in the area.

Hungarian Foreign Policy Finds Opportunity in the Balkans

The country’s NATO membership has already caused international uproar due to its traditionally good relations and economic ties with Russia. Moscow officials have expressed concern about the tiny Balkan country’s increasingly western approach for years. In 2014, Russia threatened Montenegro with retaliation if the country joined NATO; they also enacted economic sanctions, thus dramatically decreasing Russian FDI to the Balkan country.

During a Fox News interview with Donald Trump concerning NATO’s common defense policy, Tucker Carlson asked the president why his son should defend Montenegro from an attack. Trump’s head-scratching response was as follows: “I understand what you’re saying. I’ve asked the same question. Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people. They’re very aggressive people. They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you’re in World War Three.”