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PM Orbán: Security And Migration Are Among 2016’s Chief Issues

Robert Velkey 2016.02.16.

To stop migrants “crossing the line”, a second line of defence is needed to stem the influx of migrants into Europe, Viktor Orbán has said.

The European Union has failed to protect the Schengen Area’s external borders since the migrant crisis has begun, which is why the Visegrád bloc is in need of a second line of defence, the Hungarian Prime Minister said in the Czech capital Prague on Monday.

After Visegrád countries’ summit on migration, Mr. Orbán reiterated Hungary’s stance that Europe’s migrant influx needs to be stopped altogether. Because the line of defence between the European Union and Turkey has proven ineffective to stop the flow, logic and political responsibility dictate that discussions should be held on the second line. The latest estimates show that about 38.5 million internal refugees living in the surrounding regions of Europe could start the walk to Europe any time. To get prepared to stop the possible next flood, what Hungary can do is provide help to those willing to set up that second line of defence south of the country’s borders, the Prime Minister argued.

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He mentioned that V4 countries have been successful in preventing the influx of migrants, just as both Macedonia and Bulgaria have been successful in managing the migrant crisis, adding that that Bulgaria should therefore be offered to join Schengen and Macedonia the EU. According to the seriousness of the situation, Mr. Orbán said security and migration would be the most important issues of 2016.