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PM Orbán To Meet President Putin In Moscow In February

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.01.19.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as part of his quest to find allies to counterbalance the European Union’s economic sanctions in place against Russia, according to the Hungarian daily newspaper Népszabadság.

The Hungarian Prime Minister is travelling to Moscow to meet Mr. Putin in February. Citing sources close to the government, the paper reports that the meeting was requested by the Russian leader.

Although PM Orbán also voted to lengthen the sanctions against Russia, he claimed that Europe “shot itself in the foot” by imposing them because such measures are always against the national interest of economies producing for export. Over his stay in Moscow, the Hungarian leader will doubtless seek to convince the Russian President to tune down counter-sanctions imposed by Russia.

Discussions are expected to include the enlargement of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant and the procurement of new military helicopters for the Hungarian army. The country is planning to purchase a maximum of 30 helicopters at an estimated cost of HUF 142 billion.

Last February, the Russian President visited Budapest for a one-day visit, during which he had talks with PM Orbán primarily focusing on energy policy.

photo: Sándor Balogh/