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PM Orbán: Hungary Shall Not Be A Destination For Economic Immigrants

Tamás Székely 2015.01.19.

In a radio interview on Sunday Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán called it “absurd” that political messages are created using the subject of Hungarians emigrating to the UK or Germany. Orbán said that a high number of those crossing Hungary’s borders without a valid permit were aware that if they said they are asylum-seekers they could no longer be treated as migrants in search of a better life. “We are a Christian country and we have compassion in our heart. Those who are hunted should be assisted,” Viktor Orbán said, but added that economic immigrants must be rejected. “We do not want Hungary to become a destination for economic immigrants,” he said. Orbán noted that the number of asylum-seekers neared 43,000 in 2014, twice as much as in earlier years, and called the tendency “alarming”.

Meanwhile the ruling Fidesz group has called for common European Union policies for handling refugees because mass migration could generate cultural conflicts in the long run, party group spokesman Bence Tuzson said. If immigrants arriving in Europe develop a “unique subculture” that degenerates into a deviant culture, for instance as a result of unemployment, then their communities will turn into “hotbeds for crime”, he said, adding that the demographic challenges faced by Europe need to be tackled with the help of family policies rather than migration. Hungarian regulations need to be changed, too, for instance by compiling a list of safe countries “from where immigration is not justified”, the spokesman said.

The opposition EGYÜTT and PM parties criticised Viktor Orbán for his remarks. EGYÜTT called him a liar, and insisted that most Hungarians working abroad had decided to do so because they had no work at home. PM said Orbán had disturbed commemorations of the liberation of the Budapest ghetto through “inciting xenophobic hatred”.

via hungarymatters.hu photo: Tamás Kovács – MTI