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PM Orbán: EU Takes Right Approach By Linking Sanctions To Minsk Agreement

Tamás Székely 2015.03.22.

It is a positive approach that the European Council linked the duration of the restrictive measures against Russia to the complete implementation of the Minsk agreement, Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán stressed after the EU summit of the heads of states and governments in Brussels. The Council’s approach serves to promote the political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine and  “legitimises” the debate, and makes it more rational, he insisted. The debate regarding the sanctions is tied to the implementation of a specific agreement, rather than to an ideological and geopolitical dispute, Orbán said. “If good progress is made in the implementation of the agreement, the sanctions may be eased; however, if there is no progress, the restrictive measures may be further tightened”, Orbán explained.

Regarding EU’s energy policy Viktor Orbán said that the price of energy was of the utmost significance from the Hungarian viewpoint. “No one has the right to tell Hungary what percentage gas, nuclear energy or coal should account for; this is for us to decide”, Orbán underlined. Each Member State is free to decide from which sources it wishes to satisfy its energy needs and this is reflected in the conclusions approved at the summit. The Premier said in the context of the document that it merely serves as a framework; the specific draft regulations will have to be proposed by the European Commission. Viktor Orbán mentioned as a positive development that the text continues to leave ultimate control in the hands of the respective prime ministers and heads of states.

In answer to a journalist’s question regarding the Paks enlargement project, Orbán said that the Hungarian government believed the fuel supply agreement vetoed by the Euratom Supply Agency to be acceptable, but there is scope for action. He reiterated that what is good for Finland is also good for Hungary; it is not contrary to the Hungarian interests, and is also acceptable for Hungary, he said referring to the fact that the Finnish Fennovaima is building a Russian atomic power station with Russian fuel supply, which Brussels approved a year ago.

via MTI and kormany.hu photo: Gergely Botár – kormany.hu