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PM’s Commissioner: EP Election Battle between Pro-migration, Anti-migration Forces

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.04.25.

The upcoming European Parliament elections will be a battle between pro-migration and anti-migration forces, the prime ministerial commissioner in charge of minority protection and autonomy said after consultations with senior politicians of the Party of the Hungarian Community (MKP) in Slovakia on Wednesday.

Katalin Szili, a former Socialist politician, told a press conference that the elections would also decide whether supporters of the united states of Europe or the nation states of Europe gain majority.

Additionally, it will be decided whether the European Union can redefine itself in a globalising world and whether it will have the strength to pay attention not only to migrants arriving in the continent but also to the problems of its indigenous minorities, she said.

Orbán: Goal is to Have ‘Anti-Immigration’ Majority in All EU Institutions

It is very important for Hungarians that their representatives should be able to take forward issues concerning indigenous minorities in the EP, she said. She called on voters to go to the polls and enable as many ethnic Hungarians from the Carpathian Basin to become MEPs as possible.

Slovakian Anthem Ban: President Vetoes New Law

MKP leader József Menyhárt said the EU must pay its debt to indigenous minorities, especially considering that they represent over 10 percent of the EU’s population.