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PM On Belgrade Summit: Economic Dogmas Should Be Transcended

Tamás Székely 2014.12.16.

It is a common viewpoint in Europe that within several years Central Europe will become the engine of economic growth within the European Union, Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán told the Serbian Tanjug news agency ahead of a China-Central Europe summit in Belgrade. The  summit takes places on 16-17 December with the participation of 16 Heads of Government. Hungary has proven that in order to stimulate economic growth, several traditional economic dogmas should be transcended, Orbán insisted.

Not only has Hungary emerged from the economic crisis, but it has changed its attitude towards the crisis by considering it an opportunity rather than a problem, the Viktor Orbán said, adding that Hungary’s political stability proves that it has not only survived the crisis but has actually gained strength during the difficult period. The Prime Minister’s written statement noted that employment has reached a 22-year record, adding that the Government’s objective is to ensure that the number of people with jobs increases to 5 million. Moreover, Hungary is expected to have achieved growth of 3 percent this year.

It was also underlined by the Prime Minister that public debt has been on a decreasing trajectory and the budget deficit is being kept under 3 percent, as a result of which the European Union has abrogated its excessive deficit procedure against Hungary. Viktor Orbán concluded that Hungary has proven that economic growth can be boosted and new jobs can be created while at the same time curbing public debt and the budget deficit.

www.kormany.hu photo: china-ceec-summit.gov.rs