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Three Tons of Plastic Waste Removed From Tisza and Reservoir by PET Cup Participants

Hungary Today 2019.06.26.

Competitors of the 1st Tisza Lake PET Cup collected and got rid of more than 3 tons of plastic waste from a 25km-long section of the Tisza river and Hungary’s largest artificial reservoir, the Tisza lake.

The purpose of the competition is to “highlight the problem of regular pollution of the Tisza and to show how much success can be achieved through collaboration.” While this same competition is held every year at the Upper Tisza, organisers reportedly decided to kick it off at this section after facing the consequences of flooding over the past weeks.

While the plastic boat fleet was cleaning the river between Tiszafüred and Kisköre, the canoes cleaned the lake through the channels. According to the organisers, the majority of the nearly three tons of collected waste were plastic bottles floating on the water, most brought in from neighboring countries Ukraine and Romania. In addition, a refrigerator, TV sets, insulators, and hazardous waste were also found. Garbage bags were then collected by M.V. PETényi mothership, which floats on repurposed plastic bottles. More than half of the collected quantity is estimated to be recycled.

After three days spent on the water, the team from local water authority (KÖTIVIZIG) emerged the winner, having gathered over 300 bags of garbage in total. In addition, the ‘Hero of Tisza’ award went to the crew of the PETúnia vessel, who collected the most waste per person.

However, “the fight has not ended.” Organisers noted that, besides the afoementioned race on the Upper Tisza, many more similar events are to come. Also, the elimination of waste accumulated at the Kisköre hydroelectric dam -carried out by KÖTIVIZIG’s specialists- has also begun.

via petkupa.hu

images by PET Cup/ József Bankó