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Photographer Captures Buildings On Budapest’s Grand Boulevard From Stunning Angle

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.06.16.

A Hungarian photographer has captured the historic apartment buildings of the Hungarian capital’s 120-year-old Grand Boulevard (Nagykörút) from a unique angle.

Zsolt Hlinka, who visited the buildings to mark the Budapest 100 event series, hotographed the structures from the middle of their inner courtyards, with his lens pointing upward to the sky. His pictures offer an unique insight into a face of Budapest that remains hidden to both residents and locals.

The Grand Boulevard is a major thoroughfare and one of the most central and busiest parts of Budapest, built for 21 years to mark the Hungarian Millennium of 1896. It forms a semicircle connecting two bridges of the Danube, Margaret Bridge on the north and Petőfi Bridge on the south. Usually the part inside and around this semicircle is counted as the city centre of Budapest.

Few know, however, that original plans, by the city’s leading architect Ferenc Reitter, were for the construction of a navigable river canal along the Grand Boulevard’s route, a plan that was discarded only due to its excessive cost.










via mno.hu