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Cyber Security Center Issues Warning Over Phone scammers

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.04.16.

The National cyber security center has issued a warning over a recent telephone scam involving callers that pretend to be customer service representatives.

The statement issued on Thursday showed that the scammers usually claim to be customer service representatives of a bank or public utility company, and ask for personal data including birth details and bank details. In some cases they state that the details are needed because of errors that had occurred in a financial transaction, while in other cases they claim that the data has to be checked because of errors that occurred in postal shipment orders.

In many cases they have used a telephone number that was very similar to the actual number of the bank or service supplier they pretend to call from, the cyber security center said.

Crime Authority in 'One Ring' Phone Scam Warning
Crime Authority in 'One Ring' Phone Scam Warning

People in Hungary may fall victim to an international phone scam conducted by criminal gangs, the communications director of the National Crime Prevention Council told public media on Tuesday. A call is placed from a phone number with a three-digit international area code and disconnects after one ring, László Garamvölgyi told the broadcasters. Users are […]Continue reading

The center added that financial institutions and public utility companies never ask for personal details over the phone and it recommended that all suspicious calls should be aborted and reported to the authority.

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