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Pew Research Center: Hungarians Want Fewer or No Immigrants to Move to Their Country

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.12.11.

According to a new study, Hungary is one of those countries in the world that oppose migration the most, trailing behind only Greece and Israel.

Pew Research Center published a study it conducted in 27 countries this spring. The data reveals that 72 percent of Hungarians report wanting fewer or no immigrants to move to their country.

In Greece, the member state which currently receives the most migrants, this number is 82 percent.

Greece has received the highest percentage of migrants for over a decade. 82 percent of Greek respondents say they want fewer migrants in their country. On the other hand, 15 percent have no problem with the current situation and two percent would even welcome more immigration.

The researchers also asked the residents their opinion on emigration. Aside from Greece and Spain, Hungarian respondents viewed emigration the most negatively, even calling it a serious problem.


Image Via: European Movement International