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Péter Hoppál: Performers’ Law Modification is Underway

By admin // 2014.08.30.

The financial support system of theater performers is undergoing a revamp, including a modification to the performers’ law, said Secretary of State for Culture Péter Hoppál in Veszprém at the national theater opening day on August 29. The theater season in Hungary opens traditionally at the end of August and lasts until the later months of Spring, only to be taken over by the season of summer, open-air theaters. Theater-enthusiast all across the country eagerly await the start of the season as the state secretary spoke at the Veszprém event.

“The TAO financial support program, created in 2010, is about to expire in 2015 and needs special attention. The renegotiation of this program there shall be a reevaluation of the artistic-performing priorities”, said Hoppál. The Ministry of Human Resources currently back 49 theaters, and another 116 receives funds from tender programs, altogether providing 5.000 jobs.

“The four million theater visitors is a serious thing that should be taken seriously. Theater cannot live without human presence. The actor and guest cannot abdicate from the theater experience, one cannot exist without the other. Good theater makes the mind race, and a theater that cannot achieve this, is worth none”, said the state secretary.

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