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People’s Movement Party: Orbán’s Tusványos Speech a “Violation of the Romanian State”

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.07.30.

On Monday two Romanian politicians raised concerns about the yearly Hungarian political rally in Tusványos. They claim Orbán’s attitude degraded the spirit of the upcoming Romanian national holiday. Great Union Day is celebrated on December 1 and marks the 100th-anniversary of the unification of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom.

Today at a press conference, Eugen Tomac, the leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), stated: The Hungarian PM has arrived with a primitive, arrogant and patronizing attitude toward Romanians, and goes so far as to give us lessons on how to treat our citizens (ethnic Hungarians living in Romania).

According to Tomac, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén crossed a line when he said he didn’t want the Romanian Foreign Ministry to invite the Hungarian Ambassador to the Romanian National Day–a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Transylvania’s occupation by Romania.

Tomac called on Romanian Prime Minister Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to react to the statements immediately. The PMP’s leader added that with the minority having received everything they need to preserve their unique identity, Romania had “succeeded in the integration of the Hungarian community after 1990, which is why such statements in Romania, during such an important year, are a violation of the Romanian state.”

Another politician, Ex-Prime Minister Victor Ponta, tweeted that Viktor Orbán should have stayed silent as Romanians have the right to celebrate the anniversary. Ponta also chastised the Romanian political elite, saying they enabled Orbán to “insult” Romanians at such an important time; he believes the politicians in Bucharest see Orbán as a role model and belittle their country’s achievements for personal gain as a result.

Orbán’s speech on Saturday analyzed the current condition of the ethnic Hungarians in Romania, as well as relationships with surrounding countries. The PM stated that “the Hungarian One hundred years of solitude has ended” as neighboring countries have realized the value of being in a good relationship with Hungary.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also asserted that modern Romania couldn’t handle the fact it inherited 1.5 million Hungarians and that despite any future changes in Western Europe, the Hungarian people have been in the territory for centuries and always will be.

During the Tusványos festival, Zsolt Semjén referenced the Declaration of Gyulafehérvár in 1918–when the Transylvanian Romanians proclaimed they would secure the Hungarian people’s autonomy in the newly formed Romania:

“I understand that the anniversary is very important for the Romanian national identity. Therefore, I just ask you to study the Declaration of Gyulafehérvár. You promised the Hungarians self-determination and autonomy, so we just ask you to keep your promises and not consider it extreme when Hungarians ask for territorial autonomy.”

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