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Parliament Square Finally Completed As Statue Of Statesman Gyula Andrássy Is Reinstalled

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.06.

The bronze equestrian statue of Count Gyula Andrássy, the country’s famous former Prime Minister who presided over the Austro-Hungarian Compromise in 1867 and later became the joint state’s foreign minister, has been erected on Kossuth tér in front of the building of Parliament in central Budapest.

The late Prime Minister’s 6.5-metre high statue was the final artefact to be added to achieve the reconstruction of the square’s original setting. The original statue, the work of renowned Hungarian sculptor György Zala, was installed on the square, handed over to the public in 1904, on 2 December 1906. The recast equestrial statue, which can be seen at the southern side of Parliament, is the work of artists at Bencsik Alkotóközösség Művészeti Kft.

via mno.hu
photo: mno.hu