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Parliament on Tuesday approved a proposal to declare 2020 a Year of National Cohesion to mark the 100th anniversary of the post-WWI Trianon Peace Treaty.

100-Year-Old Transylvanian Woman Receives Hungarian Citizenship for the Third Time in Her Life

The proposal tendered by parliament’s national cohesion committee was passed with 166 votes in favour, five votes cast by the opposition Democratic Coalition against and one abstention.

New Database on Trianon Refugees Published

Under the proposal, commemorations and programmes will be organised in Hungary, in the Carpathian Basin and elsewhere in the world with the aim to strengthen the cohesion and identity of Hungarian communities.

Plan for New Trianon Memorial Revealed – with Pictures!

Under the treaty signed on June 4, 1920, two-thirds of Hungary’s territory and 60 percent of its population were ceded to neighbouring countries.

Featured photo illustration by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI