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Parking Becoming More Expensive in Budapest

Csenge Schőnviszky 2020.06.25.

Budapest’s Municipality decided on Wednesday to increase parking fees in a number of toll zones from August 1st.

There are five types of charges in the capital’s parking system (HUF 175, 265, 350, 440, 525 per hour) and they are applied depending on how many people want to park in the given parking zone or how much they want to protect the area from parked cars. Parking is the most expensive in District V., and further out, hourly rates are lower. This system also allows parking fees to be increased in each individual zone so that the rates set out in the regulation do not increase. 

According to a proposal from XII, as the demand for parking is evenly distributed in the parking zones, a uniform fee of HUF 440/ hour will be introduced in all zones. In addition, the district is expanding here as well to include the part between the Diós Ditch and Kútvölgyi Street to Józsa Béla Lane and Alsó-Svábhegyi Street, as the area around János Hospital is practically all paid parking.

In district II, the area between Margaret Bridge and Szépvölgyi Street, parking is also becoming more expensive: it jumps from the previous 5 (175 HUF) to 3 (350 HUF) rate. In addition, there will be a change in the area of ​​Marczibányi Square- the fee will increase here as well; furthermore, the previous unlimited parking will be replaced by a maximum of 3 hours of parking (after this, a parking ticket must be exchanged again).

In Zugló, in the toll zone of the lane between Mexikói Street and Nagy Lajos Király Street, the parking rate will change from the previous 5 to 4, from 175 HUF / hour to 265 HUF / hour. The zone will also be expanded to areas around Örs Vezér Square.

Earlier, Mayor of Budapest Gergely Karácsony proposed the introduction of a progressive parking fee system for downtown Budapest that would make the first 15 minutes of parking free of charge with the rate then rising progressively.

Featured photo illustration by Balázs Mohai/MTI