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Párbeszéd to Submit Alternative Proposals on Family Support

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.15.

The opposition Párbeszéd will submit a package of seven proposals on family support to parliament on Monday, the party’s parliamentary group leader said.

A package announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orban last week is “insufficient” for improving the demographic situation because it only supports the wealthy, Tímea Szabó told a press conference on Friday. Only a few thousand or maximum a few ten thousand families will be eligible for help in line with Orbán’s package and even those families will not be sufficiently encouraged to have more children, she said.

Párbeszéd proposes doubling family support and increasing childcare allowance GYES from a monthly 28,500 forints (EUR 90) to 60,000 forints, she said.

The party insists on the equal pay for equal work principle and would, therefore, make it obligatory for all employers to supply data to the Equal Treatment Authority about how much they pay to male and female employees filling the same position, she said.

It is against the law to fire mothers on maternity leave but many employees circumvent the regulations by scrapping the position altogether, she said. Párbeszéd proposes the introduction of fines against employees that use legal loopholes to get rid of employees on maternity leave, she added.

Párbeszéd proposes increasing the net minimum wage to 150,000 forints and believes that in addition to expanding kindergarten capacities, it is also necessary to boost the salaries of people working in kindergartens, she said. As a result, the party proposes doubling their wages.

Additionally, Párbeszéd proposes introducing a home rent scheme to help young people get accommodation, Szabó said.