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The opposition Párbeszéd party is submitting proposals to support the use of solar and wind energy in Hungary, the party’s deputy group leader told a press conference on Friday.

Bence Tordai welcomed that parliament is expected to table the party’s amendment proposals regarding climate emergency.

Párbeszéd would cut the “penalty taxes” hitting those who install solar panels and cut VAT on the devices to 5 percent from 27 percent. They also propose amending regulations to allow for further wind power plants to be installed in Hungary and allocate funds for improving buildings’ energy efficiency, he said.

Orbán on Climate Change: Hungarians Can Preserve Their Way of Life in Carpathian Basin even in Worst Case Scenario

Tordai rejected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s claim that Hungary was a “climate champion”, saying the country was among the very few where carbon dioxide emissions have been growing by an average of 6 percent annually since 2013. Orbán’s claim that nuclear energy is climate friendly is a “lie”, Tordai said. Carbon emissions connected to nuclear plants are in the ballpark of those of gas power plants, he said, adding that the nuclear plant in Paks, central Hungary, should not be upgraded as it is dangerous and economically unviable.

In the featured photo: Párbeszéd MP Bence Tordai. Photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI