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Párbeszéd Protests with Coffin against ‘Inhuman’ Health Insurance Law

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.12.16.

The opposition Párbeszéd party on Monday staged a protest at the president’s office against a new law tightening social benefit rules.

The law passed last week rolls pensions, health-care, labour-market and in-kind contributions into one from next year. Under the new law, private individuals who do not pay health insurance for three consecutive months will be barred from making use of state health-care services.

Public Healthcare: Not Paying Contribution for 3 Months Results in End of Free Service

At the protest, Párbeszéd lawmaker Bence Tordai called the law “shameful and inhumane”. More than a million Hungarian citizens are at risk of losing eligibility to state health-care services, he said, adding that every ninth citizen may end up only receiving emergency care on condition it is paid for in advance.

Tordai said people most at risk were the poorest unable to pay for health-care services, leading to irreversible illness.

The Hungarian Chamber of Doctors and trade union federation MASZSZ, alongside Párbeszéd, have asked President János Áder not to sign the law and return it to parliament for a review.

Medical Chamber: Social Security Act’s Consequences Disproportionate

At the protest, Párbeszéd placed a coffin in front of the president’s office.

Featured photo via Párbeszéd’s Facebook page