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Párbeszéd believes it is the responsibility of the opposition to make a serious offer to the Hungarian Roma, and to have a government established after 2022 that considers the Roma a partner, not a tool, the deputy head of the opposition party’s parliamentary group said at a press conference on Facebook on Saturday.

Presenting Párbeszéd’s Roma programme, Bence Tordai said Hungary’s Roma are “owed the most” as they have always “drawn the shortest straw” in the turmoil of the change of system and following decades.

Párbeszéd will work, he said, “to make Roma feel that they are full members of society”.

Sándor Berki, who heads the Nógrád County chapter of Párbeszéd and serves as the party’s officer for minority and ethnic groups, said Párbeszéd would publish a six-plus-one-point programme for public consultation.

János Klajbán, who represents the Roma self-government in Salgótarján, in the northeast of the country, said the programme would ensure all children the same educational opportunities, regardless of ethnic heritage, and raise the school-leaving age to 18 again, while increasing family support and making it more fair, so people living in abject poverty get more.

István Ürmös, who heads Párbeszéd’s chapter in Heves County, and sits on the municipal council of Nagyfüged, in the northeast, pressed for an end to the segregation of Roma communities and urged Roma candidates to be put on the opposition’s joint list in next year’s general elections as well as having individual Roma candidates.

featured image: Bence Tordai in the Parliament; via Noémi Bruzák/MTI