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Párbeszéd: New Pm’s Office ‘Overpriced Prestige Investment’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.01.02.

The new premises of the Prime Minister’s Office in the Buda castle district are an overpriced prestige investment and a display of lavish extravagance, the opposition Párbeszéd party said on Wednesday.

Moving the government offices to the Castle District is an attempt to “restore the monarchy … to copy and restore the Horthy era,” the party’s Budapest representative Márta Naszályi V told a press conference.

The castle does not need the government to give it prestige but the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán needs to gain prestige from the Buda Castle “because it is uncertain even about its own legitimacy,” she added.

Moving the prime minister’s office to Buda will paralyse life there, considering that the three roads leading to the castle are already overcrowded, she said.

The government has created a legislative environment which enables them to take away anybody’s property overnight so “people living in the area are afraid and there is utter uncertainty in the district,” she added.

Via: MTI

Featured Image: HVG