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Párbeszéd MP Tordai Temporarily Banned From Facebook

Hungary Today 2021.03.06.

Párbeszéd’s Bence Tordai was banned by Facebook on Wednesday. While his restriction has since been revoked, Tordai suggests “Fidesz-trolls” behind the social media giant’s move.

In his Wednesday post announcing the ban, Bence Tordai explained that he hasn’t posted anything that would have provided a reason for the ban. He suggested that the larger ruling party’s trolls could be behind the incident.

Tordai, who is one of the loudest critics of the government in the National Assembly, suggested that one of his recent actions, targeting the Finance Minister, might have led Fidesz activists to report him. Párbeszéd blames Mihály Varga (and of course, the Fidesz government) for an unrealized healthcare development in the 2nd and 3rd districts. Tordai, in a planned performance, stepped up to Varga in the Parliament and tried to make him sign their petition while recording the events. 

Coronavirus: Opposition to Form Committee to Examine Govt's Work
Coronavirus: Opposition to Form Committee to Examine Govt's Work

Six opposition parties that had proposed holding a special parliamentary session to evaluate the government’s performance during the Covid-19 epidemic were unable to proceed for lack of a quorum, but they have pressed ahead with a committee operating outside of the parliamentary framework nonetheless, Bence Tordai, deputy group leader of the leftist-green Párbeszéd party, told […]Continue reading

On Thursday afternoon that he announced he was back on Facebook.

featured image: Tordai in the Parliament earlier; via Tamás Kovács/MTI