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Justice Committee Refuses to Debate Párbeszéd’s Proposal Against Huxit

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.02.

Parliament’s justice committee did not accept for debate a proposal by opposition party Párbeszéd that Hungary could only exit the European Union on the basis of a valid referendum in favour of such a move.

Párbeszéd MP Tamás Mellár said on Tuesday that the party’s co-leader, Tímea Szabó, had submitted the proposal on Dec. 8 because “signs were aplenty that the Orbán government was moving in the direction of leaving the European Union”, noting that the government had mooted vetoing the EU budget at the time.

He said the proposal still had relevance, insisting that the government was breaching European regulations in connection with vaccination passports. He added that the government had licenced coronavirus vaccines that were not approved by the EU and would issue vaccination certificates that do not state the type of vaccine administered, with implications concerning free travel in the bloc.

Hungarian Vaccination Certificate Omits Information of Vaccine Type
Hungarian Vaccination Certificate Omits Information of Vaccine Type

The upcoming Hungarian vaccination certificate will not state the type of the given vaccine, according to an amendment to the relevant government decree issued on Saturday night. The new regulation amends a decree issued on February 12th by removing the words “type of vaccine” from the text. The reason for the change is not indicated […]Continue reading

Mellár vowed to continue pressing their proposal and would “return to the issue in 2022” (an election year).

In the featured photo: Párbeszéd MP Tímea Szabó. Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI