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Párbeszéd Files Complaint over Case of Former Moscow Attache

Miklós Halász-Szabó 2018.10.30.

Opposition Párbeszéd is filing a criminal complaint for complicity and abuse of office against an unknown perpetrator after the chief prosecutor’s office ended an investigation into the case of the former agricultural attache in Moscow who had been suspected of helping Russian citizens obtain Hungarian visas, lawmaker Bence Tordai said on Tuesday.

By ending the investigation, the prosecutor’s office stood up for a “criminal serving Russian underworld and secret service interests”, Tordai told a press conference.

Kiss was “caught because of his involvement in a visa lottery scheme offering residency bonds through Russian roulette” three and a half years ago, Tordai said. He said it was also worth noting that Kiss used to own a company together with Lőrinc Mészáros, a businessman with close links to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

At least 5,800 Russian citizens, including criminals and prostitutes, received Schengen visas at the Hungarian embassy in Moscow through the visa lottery scheme, endangering the security of both Hungary and the European Union, he said.

Tordai said the prosecutor’s office headed by Péter Polt had failed to raise charges in the case and had “sabotaged an investigation”. Among others, “some 5,800 invitation letters required for the issuance of visas which could have been used as evidence in the case were destroyed probably in the foreign ministry,” he added.

via MTI
on the picture: Szilárd Kiss, former Moscow attache
featured photo by Heti Válasz