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Paralympic Committee’s Scandal-Hit Chairman Resigns After Police Investigation Is Launched


The Hungarian Paralympic Committee’s scandal-hit chairman has handed in his resignation today, before the Committee’s general meeting, which is to congregate on Friday, was set to remove him from his position after allegations of financial mosconduct has surfaced against him.

Zsolt Gömöri, the outgoing chairman, will however present his report to the general meeting on 19 June, in which he will give a summary of the previous years, the statement reads, which cites Mr. Gömöri’s resignation letter asking member organisations’ leaders to protect the achievements made so far and continue work for the common goal.

On Tuesday, the daily Népszabadság reported that Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch, who is currently the Committee’s vice chairman, could be made its interim leader.

The scandal surrounding the Hungarian Paralympic Committee’s leadership broke out in early May, when it emerged that the organisation’s chairman Zsolt Gömöri had been granted HUF 3 million in the form of non-refundable support to pay off his private loan from the committee. The body was subsequently accused of unlawful financial misconduct, including, among others, the travel expenses of its leaders. In late may, both cabinet chief János Lázár and Zsolt Borkai, the head of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, urged Mr. Gömöri to step down.

On 2 June, it emerged that a Budapest prosecution office had ordered an investigation against an unknown perpetrator concerning lawsuits filed against the Paralympic Committee’s chairman upon suspicion of misappropriation of funds and fraud. Investigators later seized documents and data carriers concerning the case.

photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry