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Expansion of Paks Nuclear Waste Storages Going to Plan

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.29.

The expansion of a temporary storage of radioactive waste at Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant in Paks and of the National Radioactive Waste Repository (NRWR) in Bátaapáti, in south-western Hungary, is going according to plan, the managing company (RHK) said.

RHK noted it concluded a contract at the end of last year to build four increased capacity storage chambers at the Paks facility by May 2024.

The facility currently stores 9,787 spent fuel rods in chambers that have storage space for a total of 11,416 rods, RHK said in a statement.

Due to the extension of the Paks plant’s lifespan by 50 years, the storage will need to have capacity to hold altogether 17,716 fuel rods during that period, it added.

Inaugurated in 2008, the repository at Bátaapáti currently holds about a thousand cubic metres of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste in one of its four chambers. The last time waste was transported to the facility was in 2017, with transports of an annual 700 cubic metres of waste expected to resume later this year.

Capacity at the facility will be increased by building two new chambers, RHK said.

Featured photo illustration by paksnuclearpowerplant.com