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Orfű 2018: Fishing for Hungary’s Greatest Bands

Fanni Kaszas 2018.06.18.

Fishing on Orfű, a four-day music festival, featuring the best Hungarian bands and musicians of Hungary at the Lake of Orfű, near the southern city of Pécs, will be held for the eleventh time between 20-23 June. With a great atmosphere and a smaller area next to a lake, this festival, which is less known by foreigners, is usually sold out months in advance.

For the fifth time in a row, the festival, held in Panoráma Camping next to the Lake of Orfű since 2008, is a full-house event, so visitors won’t be able to buy tickets at the site. The main headliners of the event – as has been the case for the past decade – are some of Hungary’s best bands, including Quimby, Hiperkarma, Kiscsillag and Péterfy Bori & Love Band.

The festival starts at noon with a surprise production on 20 June, and this year it will await visitors with even more programs, stages and venues. One of the new stages is the ‘Magam adom’ stage, which will be opened by András Kispál (Kispál és a Borz) and Péter Egyedi (Óriás) and which will showcase acoustic, street music and minimal productions.  Another new venue is the Apamegőrző (Daddy Daycare), where wives and mothers can drop their husbands off. This spot is awaiting men – and despite the name, of course women who are interested as well – with rock music, beer and whisky in glorified shipping containers full of posters and tools. There will be a children’s venue as well, where which will host programs for kids and families until 2 pm each day.


Festival goers can also drink and eat with their favorite bands and musicians: there are still some available spots for beer and spritzer tours, as well as the so-called ‘forest dinners’, where participants can meet with members of Bohemian Betyars, Budapest Bár and Kiscsillag, among many others.

There are several cultural side-programs as well, including theater performances with actors like Pál Mácsai, Dorottya Udvaros, András Stohl and Győző Szabó. In the Cinema, there will be screenings of Hungarian films as well, including The Whisky Robber, On Body and Soul and Liza the Fox-Fairy. In the afternoons, Roni Frankó will host discussions with organizers and musicians. And of course, matches of the Football World Cup will also be screened at festival in the Unicum Bar.

Good news for those who travel to Orfű by train: GYSEV (Austrian–Hungarian railway) and MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) are offering a 50 percent-off return ticket from any domestic station to Pécs railway station.