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Orbán: Widening and Deepening Rebellion against ‘Liberal Intellectual Oppression’

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.09.21.

This year, Viktor Orbán did not give his traditional keynote speeches about how he sees the world of politics due to the pandemic. To make up for it, in his essay published in the Monday issue of pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet, he writes – often in philosophical detail – about the unbridgeable contrast between liberals and Christian democrats, the government’s tasks during the coronavirus epidemic, the stakes of the 2022 parliamentary elections in Hungary, and the role of the opposition.

The struggle for spiritual sovereignty and intellectual freedom that “we launched years ago in Tusnádfürdő is gradually bearing fruit,” Orbán starts his essay arguing that there is a widening and deepening rebellion against liberal intellectual oppression.

Covid Case Postpones Tranzit Festival with Anticipated Orbán Speech
Covid Case Postpones Tranzit Festival with Anticipated Orbán Speech

Due to an active coronavirus case among the organizers, the Tranzit Festival, which would have begun on Thursday in Tihany, has been canceled. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would have made a speech at the exclusive, pro-government event, alongside numerous ministers and state secretaries who would have clashed with opposition politicians in debates regarding their fields […]Continue reading

“Rebellion against political correctness, against the dictates of loopy liberal doctrine, modes of expression and style is flowing in an ever broader channel. Ever more people are showing increasing courage in freeing themselves from the shackles of the suffocatingly restrictive, single approved mode of speech, the only approved concept of democracy, and the only approved interpretation of Europe and the West,” Orbán writes going into philosophical details about the conflict between liberals and Christian democrat conservatives.

We can already see that the Emperor has no clothes – despite the refusal to admit this in the Brussels bubble.”

Orbán thinks the doctrine, or as he calls it, the “monumental fetish” that a democracy can only be liberal, has been toppled. “The basic tenets of Christian democratic and liberal thinking are diametrically opposed to each other,” Orbán says.

According to the PM, liberals take aim at the very things that are most important to Christian democrat conservatives: the nation, the family and religious tradition.

“Of course, we also know Hungarians who have solved this puzzle, but have realised how much more pleasant it is to gather pats on the back in Brussels and friendly smiles of acknowledgement in lukewarm liberal salons than to huddle like black sheep at home in Budapest, Orbán says. He thinks liberals and conservatives clash on many levels, on many issues. One of these clashes is the “life-or-death struggle” on the issue of migration.

According to loopy liberals, there is no reason to fear mass immigration, or even a flood of immigration; and there is no reason to fear it even if the national and religious traditions of the uninvited guests are starkly different from ours – or indeed opposed to ours.”

But the conservative-Christian democratic camp “rejects such an unpredictable experiment on societies and individuals, because they believe that the risks of chronic intercultural tensions and violence are unacceptably high.”

The irreconcilable differences are also prevalent in education policy, Orbán says. According to conservatives, the purpose of education is for our children to be capable of becoming patriots who can carry forward our tried and tested traditions, he points out.

Orbán: Hungary Says 'Yes' to Democracy, 'No' to Liberalism
Orbán: Hungary Says 'Yes' to Democracy, 'No' to Liberalism

The Hungarian nation today has the political and economic calibre to protect itself and preserve its independence, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday in his annual address at the “Tusványos” summer university. Soon it will have the physical means to defend itself, too, he said at the event held in Tusnádfürdő (Baile Tusnad), in […]Continue reading

At the same time, Christian democrats also expect schools to reinforce the sex identity that the Creator has conferred on each child at birth: to help girls become fine and admirable women; and to help boys become men who are able to provide security and support for their families,”

Orbán emphasizes, adding that schools should protect “the ideal and values of the family”, and should keep minors away from gender ideology and “rainbow propaganda,”

However, liberals think the purpose of school education can only be “to lead children towards their inner selves, making them capable of self-realisation, introducing them to the beauties of the universal political order, and therefore peeling away from them the enveloping layers of tradition inherited from the lives of their great-grandparents, grandparents and parents.”

The Prime Minister then goes into detail about the strategy he claims is used by liberals: they divide the world of politics into two parts. On one side are liberals, “who are honest, good people and who accept that all honest, good people must come to the same political beliefs and conclusions on the basis of the rules of reason,” and on the other side are those “who have strayed from the field of liberalism because their ignorance or primordial instinctive hatred prevents them from moving forward with the times and with history.”

„Therefore, from the viewpoint of loopy liberals, a single group is formed by the following: Trump and Johnson; Christians standing on the foundations of the New Testament and Jews standing on the foundations of the Old Testament; all kinds of ayatollahs; dictators of every rank and order, communists and Nazis; and, without any doubt, we Central European Christian democrats. This is parroted by 90 percent of the Western media,” Orbán writes. According to him, Christian democrats have a more “intelligent” viewpoint.

Coronavirus: “Anyone who falls ill will be in good hands in hospital”

Regarding the novel coronavirus epidemic, the PM writes that the second wave of the virus has arrived adding that “just like the first wave, it has come from abroad. It was brought into Hungary from abroad.”

According to the PM, Hungary was among the world’s 25 most successful countries but „we need to defend ourselves again.” In the spring Hungary managed to flatten the curve of the pandemic thus winning the first battle against it.

„Today we no longer have to worry about anyone not receiving appropriate care, as the Hungarian healthcare system is now also prepared to deal with mass infections, Orbán writes adding that now everything we need to protect ourselves is available. “Anyone who falls ill will be in good hands in hospital.”

Coronavirus - Orbán: Enough Hospitals, Doctors and Ventilators to Treat Patients
Coronavirus - Orbán: Enough Hospitals, Doctors and Ventilators to Treat Patients

Hungary must be able to function while mounting a disciplined defence against the novel coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday. The government has a strategy for dealing with a potential surge in coronavirus cases and a need for increased hospital capacities, the prime minister said in a regular interview with public broadcaster […]Continue reading

Orbán says the earliest a vaccine can be deployed is by the spring of 2021. “And when the vaccine is ready, we still need to acquire a few million doses, following which we can begin the planned vaccination of those who apply to receive it.”

The Prime minister then lists what must be done in the meantime. „We must continuously strengthen our state of preparedness and our healthcare system which will bear the main burden, upgrade the management system, accelerate digitalisation, rationalise administrative burdens, and bring order to the tangled legal situation. In addition to the already ongoing 70 per cent pay increase for nurses, we need to provide a breakthrough pay deal for doctors.”

Hungary must not withdraw into its shell like a snail, but must continue to move forward, flow, increase and rise – like a Liszt rhapsody, or sparkling wine. This is a huge task, and this is why [Minister of Finance] Mihály Varga will be Hungary’s least envied person in 2021.”

Regarding the stakes of Hungary’s next general election Orbán claims “again in 2022 the issue will be our freedom.”

Orbán: Sovereign states jeopardised by “a global network advocating an open society”, 2022 “decisive battle”

In his essay, Orbán also slams the opposition as well whom he thinks we cannot depend “even now, amidst the greatest difficulties and in a global pandemic”

All we can count on from them is backstabbing and backbiting, the undermining of national strength and solidarity, sniping at political leaders and experts leading the country’s defence operation, snitching and betrayal in Brussels, sabotage and trickery. This is the Left we have ended up with.”

What’s more, they are now mixed in with Jobbik, Orbán continues. “Together this concoction is fermenting in a sealed jar. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” he writes.

Sovereign states are most jeopardised by “a global network advocating an open society, aimed at eliminating national structures,” Orbán says, insisting that “George Soros’ network… is aimed at building open societies of a mixed ethnicity through accelerating migration and dismantling national decision-making competencies, and handing over those competencies to a global elite”. That global elite “would not allow policies conflicting with its own interests in central Europe”, he adds.

The global elite will “apply the same strategy in Hungary in the 2022 election campaign as in this year’s presidential election in Poland… using the repeatedly failed Left led by Ferenc Gyurcsány and having Momentum as its youth arm,” Orbán says. “They are forces of the past that destroyed the country once before,” he says, adding that “the opposition no longer has parties with an independent will; they have been minced and processed like meat into sausage”. Once independent communities have now become a “leftist people’s party serving the Soros-network”, now preparing for a “decisive battle” in 2022, “backed by the international media, Brussels bureaucrats, and pseudo-civil NGOs”.

You can read the full English transcript of the article here.

In the featured photo: PM Viktor Orbán in Tusnádfürdő, 2017. Photo by NándorVeres /MTI 

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