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Orbán: Welfare State and Social System is Exhausted

admin 2014.07.26.

The welfare state and social system has exhausted its reserves, right at this moment it is destined for failure and should be changed, said Viktor Orbán in a speech at the Open University and Student Camp of Bálványos, reports news agency MTI. The Prime Minister of Hungary in response to questions said that: “copying of the west is provincialism, and we must leave it behind, as it could “kill us”.

Orbán added that he is against the European policies that support and accept immigration. A time will come when the nation states’ ethnic base is questioned. The Prime Minister also spoke about the civilian institutions, criticizing them heavily, saying that the case of the Norwegian funds highlights the fact that some Hungarian civilians, active in the public, are “activists funded by foreign lands”, serving foreign interests.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the recent purchase of MKB Bank. The bank should not have been sold to foreigners in the first place, said Orbán. In response to a question regarding forex loans, the Prime Minister said that “we live in a world, where everything can happen: it can happen, that after the court proceedings, Hungarians will get back billions of Forints from banks, money that should not have been taken away from them”. (MTI)

MTI photo László Beliczay