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Orbán: Time for the Era of Fair Banks

By admin // 2014.06.27.

With the government’s new action plan on forex loans a new “era of fair banks” can be expected, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during a radio interview on Friday. Mr. Orbán once again opposed Jean-Claude Juncker’s run at the presidency of the European Committee as leaders of the continent met in Ypres, and the Prime Minister also spoke about the controversial ad tax.

In a phone interview for public radio Kossuth, Mr Orbán said that the government has approved a complete action plan with several steps to help Hungary’s forex borrowers. A bill should be expected to follow in parliament as soon as Firday, while a settlement law is expected to be passed no later than September. The last proposed step would come at the end of the year in form of another law on phasing out foreign currency loans. The later would mean a mandatory conversion of forex loans to forint-based ones, finally solving the long financial struggle of numerous Hungarians.

Other than the era of fair banks, the Prime Minister also commented on controversial media issue of the ad tax, he said the whole argument reminded him about the bank tax as both areas are considered taboos. Mr Orbán also added that everyone should take their fair share of public burdens, and significant market holders should bear more of this burden. Regardin the Ypres meeting, the Prime Minister added that while he still opposed Juncker’s presiceny, he do expects him to win the vote by a considerable margin.

Photo: European People’s Party