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Orbán Talks About Gradually Opening Hungary at Fidesz Group Meeting

Hungary Today 2021.02.11.

During the most recent parliamentary group meeting of the Hungarian ruling parties, Viktor Orbán talked about the gradual reopening of Hungary, warning of the serious consequences to be faced if lockdown measures are lifted too soon. He also stressed that after the epidemic is over, governing parties would have to switch to “campaign mode” due to the upcoming 2022 parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended the season-opening of ruling Fidesz-KDNP’s parliamentary group meeting on Wednesday. Due to the epidemic, contrary to the norm, the meeting was held in the Parliament.

PMO Head Gulyás: Public Survey on Easing Lockdown to Be Launched on Feb 15
PMO Head Gulyás: Public Survey on Easing Lockdown to Be Launched on Feb 15

The government is launching its latest National Consultation public survey concerning when to lift coronavirus restrictions during the week of Feb. 15, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff said on Friday. Gergely Gulyás told an online press conference that the second wave of the pandemic in Hungary was in a phase of stagnation, meaning any […]Continue reading

In his more than two-hour address, the Prime Minister updated everyone about the epidemic situation, vaccine purchases, and also touched on the government’s most important health-related measures, including the salary raise of doctors, a source told liberal news site

Orbán also warned that prematurely lifting restrictions could have serious consequences. In countries where restrictions have been lifted, even for only a few days, the statistics have deteriorated drastically, so Hungary will only change the regulation gradually, keeping the progress of vaccination in mind, he added.

After the coronavirus crisis is over, lawmakers of the ruling parties have to switch to “campaign mode,” Orbán stressed, reminding everyone that the 2022 parliamentary elections were approaching.

Lifting of restrictions not around the corner

In the past weeks, an increasing amount of pressure has been put on the Orbán government to decide on legislation regarding the lifting of restrictions. Many Hungarian businesses are struggling due to lockdown rules while people are tired of sitting at home unable to do anything.

National Reopening in Hungary: Government Statements Unclear
National Reopening in Hungary: Government Statements Unclear

Many people in Hungary want to know when they can expect the removal of restrictions and a national reopening of society, but government officials have not given a clear, cohesive answer. Meanwhile, there are suggestions for revitalizing the economy, which has been struggling due to restrictions. Medical Experts warn that absolute caution is currently the […]Continue reading

In spite of this, the government has been stressing that reopening the country cannot happen until further vaccinations are carried out. Considering the worrying increase in the number of daily coronavirus infections, restrictions are likely to stay with Hungarians for at least several more months.

 Featured photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI