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Orbán: “Strange People who Choose a Strange Lifestyle Reject Govt’s Family Action Plan’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.22.

“The vast majority of people” backed measures to help families and added that this was a matter of a national consensus, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio in an interview on Friday.

Possible Effects of the Family Support Package

On the topic of the government’s family protection action plan, Orbán said that most Europeans lived their lives in a traditional way, putting a premium on the family. “But strange people who choose a strange lifestyle reject the current government proposals,” he said, adding such people should “keep their opinions to themselves” rather than attacking the government.

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Commenting on government plans to help villagers, Orbán said the very existence of rural life was in danger, so in the 2,000 villages where the decline in population exceeds the national average, people will be given the chance to get subsidies to buy, expand and refurbish homes that are not new-builds.

“The village does not belong to the past but to the future, and I believe it’s possible to lead a quality life in the village,” he said.

Average Income Stays Below the Hungarian Average in 18 out of 19 Counties

In connection with the family protection plan, the prime minister praised Mihály Varga, the finance minister, as “a calm man” who is not captive to his emotions. He said he always accepted Varga’s opinion because finances must be in good working order. The country’s ratings upgrade is a great testament to Varga’s work, he added. Varga has a large family and knows exactly what this involves. “And he’s a Karcag man — not from New York; not from the world’s metropolis — so he knows country life.”

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