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Orbán: Soros Network behind EP Censuring Hungary and Poland

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.17.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called George Soros “the world’s number-one oligarch”, accusing the US financier of “influencing European politics via his mafia-style network”.

Orbán said in a radio interview that Soros’s network had been behind European Parliament moves to censure Hungary and Poland. He said Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party had been “an inch away” from leaving the European People’s Party (EPP) on Thursday.

Orbán: EPP Betrayed Fidesz, We Were an Inch Away from Quitting

Orbán said the outcome of the vote in Strasbourg had been unsurprising as the majority in favour of censuring Hungary were from the EP’s pro-migration wing. He added that the “Soros network” of groups allied to US financier George Soros was “very active in the EP and European politics”. He called Soros “the world’s number one oligarch” who “influences European political life via a mafia-like network.”

Survey: Majority of Hungarians want to ban ‘pro-migration NGOs’

Fully 61 percent of Hungarians want pro-migration NGOs to be banned, according to a survey by the pro-government Századvég Foundation released on Friday.

Fully 59 percent of respondents said the activities of NGOs that help migrants were harmful, while 30 percent considered them useful.

Altogether 70 percent of Századvég’s sample said the government should take tougher action against people smugglers.

The survey also indicated general support for transit zones, with 86 percent of respondents regarding them as vital to the country’s security, while 10 percent wanted them abolished.

“Hungarian voters do not sympathise with the activities of NGOs tied to [US financier] George Soros,” Századvég said, adding that such activities could lead to a weakening of Hungarian border protection and the encouragement of illegal migration.

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