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Orbán Sends Information Letter to Hungarian Voters Detailing Brussels’ Plans

Fanni Kaszás 2019.02.27.

State Secretary for International Communications Zoltán Kovács commented on the European Commission’s critical response to the government’s campaign on migration at a press conference on Tuesday. Kovács announced that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán plans to send a letter to all voters to inform them about Brussels’ plans.

Kovács said that Brussels has confessed to the existence of the migration concepts highlighted in the Hungarian government’s campaign. He added that the government “won’t be dissuaded from communicating plans that it disagrees with.” “We don’t want Hungary to be a country of immigrants, but Brussels’ bureaucracy is intent on Europe becoming a continent of immigrants.”

EC Answers to ‘Misunderstandings and Misconceptions’ in Hungarian Campaign

444.hu reported today that one of their colleagues has already received the aforementioned letter. Orbán writes that Brussels has learned nothing from the terrible terrorist attacks of recent years and wants to bring more immigrants to Europe.

The bureaucrats are now preparing to encourage immigration with new measures. After the introduction of the migrant visa and the migrant bank card, more money would be given to George Soros’ organizations, supporting immigration. They still want to distribute immigrants with obligatory quotas.

The PM continues the letter by claiming that Hungarians do not want their country to become an “immigrant country”:

We want to protect our security and our Christian culture. That is why we have built a fence and we are protecting our borders. However, the bureaucrats in Brussels do not want to respect our decision. In order to achieve their goals, they want to break the resistance of countries that stand against immigration.

The letter ends with words from the recent information campaign, stating that people have the right to know “what Brussels is up to.” According to the letter, there is an information package detailing Brussels’ measures attached.