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Orbán Addresses Pensioners Before Local Elections

Ábrahám Vass 2019.09.12.

A letter from PM Viktor Orbán will accompany those 9,000 (Eur 29) forint-worth vouchers that the Hungarian pensioners will receive just ahead of the upcoming municipal elections.

“I am writing you because the Hungarian economy performs better in 2019, so we once again made a decision in favor of the pensioners,” writes Orbán. “We are one nation, so we believe that if the economy performs well, then the results should be passed on to the older generation as well. Thus, we respect and honor those whose work paved the way for today’s achievements.”

Orbán also calls attention to the aforementioned utility vouchers and recalls his previous pensioner-friendly measures, concluding that pensioners can still count on the Orbán government.

Government to Give Extra Money to Public Empoyees and Vouchers to Pensioners before Local Elections

Not surprisingly, many on the opposition suspect a form of vote-buying, recalling that the Fidesz-led government regularly sends one-off voucher deliveries during the periods preceding elections. Ahead of the EP elections in March, many municipalities distributed vouchers and money, while ahead of the general elections in 2018, pensioners got 10,000 forints (Eur 32) worth of Erzsébet vouchers.

featured photo illustration via Viktor Orbán- Facebook