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Orbán Marks 10th Anniversary of ‘Pálinka Law’: Example from Past, Guide to Future

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.09.28.

Attending an event on Sunday marking the tenth anniversary of the enactment of a law that exempts household distillers of pálinka, the national fruit brandy, from paying excise tax, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called the law a “textbook example of long-term change” from beyond the metropolis.

Since autumn 2010, Hungarian households have been allowed to distil the equivalent of 50 litres of 86 percent pálinka per year for personal consumption tax-free.

At the event in Becsehely, in south-western Hungary, Orbán said that “with the revolution of 2010”, when his Fidesz party first won a two-thirds majority in parliament, “we gave ourselves the opportunity to change everything we deemed ripe for change”.

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Hungary Wins 'Pálinka War': EU Allows Tax-free Fruit Distillate for Household Consumption

Hungary’s finance ministry is reviewing the possibility of introducing a tax exemption on pálinka, the national eau de vie, as early as 2021, a year before a recently issued European Union directive allows the preference, state secretary András Tállai told MTI. Tállai noted that EU directive 2020/1151 – of July 29, 2020 – allows member […]Continue reading

“Collect all the essential ingredients of life here, all that is worth taking forward into the future and passing on to our children … and forward it to your representative in parliament” to be enshrined in law, the prime minister told the event’s participants. He said that

This will guarantee our ability to lead our Hungarian lives in the way it pleases us”

Orbán said the law was not only “an example from the past” but also “a guide to the future”.

Featured photo by Zoltán Fischer/PM’s Press Office