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Orbán: Hungarians Want to Work

admin 2014.08.16.

Viktor Orbán in his usual speech in Kossuth Radio reflected on the surprise GDP growth figures of the second quarter, concluding that Hungarians want to work. The Prime Minister spoke about growth, job creation and economics in the radio’s program called “180 minutes” on Friday morning.

Orbán also stated that the Hungarian economic model is functional and successful, and as long as people want to work, the results will keep on coming. The recent growth is not a result of loans, state property management or budgetary action, but a “plateau” on which the country can stay. It is a result of expanding production, rise in workload and increasing quality of work, concluded the Prime Minister.

Viktor Orbán also spoke about the lack of growth in consumption, stating that it is yet to come as people first have to pay back their previous loans, adding that the Hungarian economy still has more reserves. In 2010, only 1.8 million workers paid taxes, this number is at 4.1 million currently, adding that in the work based society of Hungary can reach up to 5 million employed citizens.

The Prime Minister agreed with the western notion of helping the private sector to create jobs, but in a financial crisis situation the state should provide additional opportunities. The Hungarian model is functional and successful, adding that in the EU only the British follow their own model, and “they also did very well”, added Viktor Orbán.

via MTI, MTI photo László Beliczay