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Orbán: ‘Pandemic, migration, Gyurcsány greatest threats to Hungary’

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.06.17.

Beyond the pandemic and migration, former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány gaining power “represent the greatest threat to Hungary”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a meeting of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats, daily Magyar Nemzet said late on Wednesday.

Orbán told a Fidesz-Christian Democrat group meeting in Debrecen, eastern Hungary, that the past year had seen a health, economic and social crisis at the same time. Hungary handled the “triple crisis” extremely well and “won the European vaccination race”, becoming the country with the highest vaccination rate in Europe, he added.

PM Orbán: 'Legions of Migrants Banging on European Doors'
PM Orbán: 'Legions of Migrants Banging on European Doors'

Orbán proposes the discontinuation of any kind of migration for two years, because he believes it to be especially dangerous at the time of a pandemic.Continue reading

The high number of vaccinations has enabled a relaunch of the economy, Orbán said, adding that a 5.1 percent growth this year would propel the economy to pre-crisis levels. If economic growth reaches 5.5 percent, taxes on work can be reduced, the minimum wage can be increased 200,000 forints (EUR 570) a month and a pension premium can be paid, he said.

Commenting on the upcoming elections, Orbán said “Gyurcsány is the real enemy and [Budapest Mayor Gergely] Karácsony and the others only play supporting roles”.

“You must not forget that Gyurcsány is handing out the roles, he holds everything in his hands,” he told the meeting. “We know the truth and we must make sure that everyone else finds out,” he added.

It is important to remind people that “once Gyurcsány returns, the left wing will again raise taxes, especially for people with children, they will let in migrants and raise public utility fees,” he said. “Fidesz must prevent that”, he added.

Featured photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI