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Orbán: Government Serves Nation ‘But Our Place Is in Europe’

Hungary Today 2018.05.18.

The new Hungarian government “is looking to the European horizon”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday at the swearing-in of his ministers in parliament. “While we serve the nation, our place is in Europe,” he added in his speech to lawmakers.

Orbán said everyone he had asked to serve as a minister shared a passion for Hungary. “They think the greatest thing in our lives is that we were born Hungarian,” he said. He added that the members of his political community formed a comradely political community instead of competing with each other. Throughout Hungary, many hundred people are willing to take the responsibility of leadership in this political community, and there are enough dedicated people to fill the posts of several governments, he said.

Border protection must continue

Europe will continue to be threatened by mass migration “for many years to come”, PM Orbán who starts his 4th mandate, told parliament on Friday, calling for firm protection of the bloc’s borders and for security risks facing the continent to be calmly managed. In his address, Orbán said “new things have to be done”. After an “encouraging first eight years”, however, his government was “only halfway finished” with its work.

“We have drastic changes, serious battles and tough work behind us, but the world stands at the start of a new era that demands an even braver spirit of innovation and even more changes.”

The composition of the new government was tailored to meet this challenge, he added.

In addition to technological challenges, Hungary must also confront security threats, the prime minister said. He said the government was not focused on protecting doctrines but rather “ways of life that have sprung from the Christian doctrine“. “This is why we protect human dignity, family, communities of faith and the nation,” Orbán said.

Viktor Orbán’s 4th government. Via Kovács Tamás/ MTI.

‘We are Europe’s future’ 

In his address to parliament, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has also said that the European economy’s centre of gravity was “gradually shifting to the east”.

“Back in 1990, Europe was our future, but today we are Europe’s future,”

Orbán said. The prime minister said Hungary and the central European countries were the fastest growing region within the European Union. He reaffirmed his approach to his prime ministerial tenure: he considered the period between 2010 and 2030 to be “a single era”, arguing that a country could only be governed with long-term plans in place.



via MTI

featured image via Soós Lajos/ MTI